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Established in 1947, the Chinese Petroleum Corporation Education Group began with a 6-class mini primary school for the children of the employees of Kaohsiung Oil Refinery. Over the decades, it has grown into a multi-level education group with three Boards of Directors in charge of three school units—elementary school, junior high school and senior high school which accept not only the children of CPC employees but students in the Kaohsiung area. Currently Guo-Guang has a total of 111 staff members, 1909 students, 45 classes and a beautiful campus of 10 hectares by lease from CPC.

In the 2004 school year, Guo-Guang Junior High has 913 students studying in 24 classes, eight classes in each grade. Guo-Guang Senior High has a total of 946 students, 15 high school classes and 6 vocational classes.

The two high schools are well equipped with necessary facilities for studies, including a library, a language lab, a gym, three science laboratories, a music hall, two computer classrooms, a handicraft workshop, an auto-repair workshop, a tennis court, two basketball courts, a volleyball court, a football field, and a sports field with a 400-meter track. Besides, a seven-story instruction building is to be constructed.

With the upcoming privatization of CPC, Guo-Guang Junior and Senior High Schools are hence scheduled to be taken
over by National Sun Yat-sen University on February 1, 2005 and will be renamed National Sun Yat-sen University
Affiliated High School. The number of classes will gradually be minimized to 33 within ten years, according to Ministry
of Education. With its fine teaching facilities, financial support and huge human resources from National Sun Yat-sen
University, the school will continue to prosper and attract students from the neighboring communities and even other
distant areas as well.

Diligence, Respect, Honesty, and Perseverance.

(1) To enter junior high, register at Office of Academic Affairs with the household registration in early June.

(2) To enter senior high school, apply for admission with the score report of the senior high school entrance exam
  (competence test). About 100 outstanding graduates of Guo-Guang Junior High School are directly admitted to
  Guo-Guang Senior High.
(3) To enter vocational high school, do the same as (2).
The student clubs can be classified into the following five categories.
(1) Moral Education: Charity Club, Journal-Editing Club, Broadcasting Club, and Angel Club.
(2) Academic
Computer Club, Astronomy Club, Japanese Language Club, Literature Appreciation
Club, Taiwanese Language Club, Biology Club, Information Research Club, and
Reading Club.
(3) Physical
Basketball Club, Volleyball Club, Football Club, Martial Art Club,Dancing Club,
Cheerleaders Club, Golf Club, In-line Skating Club, Badminton Club, Ping-pong Club,
Swimming Club, and Handball Club.
(4) Group
Entertainment Club, Debate Club, Scouts Club, First-aid Club, and Newsletter Club.
(5) Fine Art
Comics Club, Flower Arrangement Club, Chorus, Movie Appreciation Club, Guitar Club, Handicraft Club, and Karaoke Club.
Each academic year, we hold different activities in school to inspire the potential and interest in students aiming at
integrating their personality. Here are the activities held on campus.
Sports activities:
Sports activities are held to develop students’ teamwork spirit and to develop their physical vigor. There are games
of basketball, badminton, football, softball, table tennis and volleyball. Generally, this is the most important game
for a class for they can work hard together to win the honor!
Language Arts:

Mandarin and English recitation competitions are held every academic year. Each class will choose a student
representing the class to participate in the contest.

In the English recitation competition, participants are divided into four groups according to their English degrees.
One is the representative group, in which students need to memorize the article and recite it. Students in other
three groups don’t need to memorize the article but just recite it.


Mathematics competition is held to encourage students’ interest in this area. One student will be chosen to take part in this contest for his/her class.

Information Processing:

The time of “Taiwan Information Month” is every December. Excellent students are chosen to take part in the
municipal or national contest on behalf of their own school. We also hold information processing contests on campus
before December.
(1) Word Process: Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
(2) Image Process: PhotoImpact and Flash
(3) Programming Language: V.B.
(4) Homepage designing
(5) Internet information searching

English Summer Camp::
Cooperating with the Dallas Baptist University located in Dallas, Texas, we hold the English Summer Camp every
summer. There are classes for elementary, junior high, senior high and college students. Each class has ten students.
Teachers of the camp are professors and graduate students in Graduate Institute of Education of DBU. The camp
usually starts in early July and ends in late July.
Swimming Course:
The swimming class starts in late April every year. Students will go to the swimming pool near the school, which
belongs to CPC. And in late June, we’ll hold a swimming contest at the swimming pool.
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